A Healthy Market for Watch Sellers and Buyers

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It turns out that the pre-owned watch market is rather healthy. In fact, it is so healthy that the biggest problem these businesses are facing is inventory. They have large lists of customers and use channels such as Chrono24 and eBay to sell watches without an issue. The reason they want to buy watches is that they seem to never have enough quality inventory to sell.

Another interesting fact is their real relationship with the new watch market from authorized dealers. Many pre-owned watch retailers want people to buy new, and to buy new often. Why? Because a new watch purchased from an authorized dealer with all the papers and properly filled out warranty card makes for the best pre-owned watch. So the more new watches people buy, the more pre-owned inventory will be eventually available. In fact, some retailers deal in both, and rely on people coming in with their pre-owned watches wanting to trade-in to buy something new.

I’ve never personally been one to sell or trade watches with much frequency, but I know people who do it all the time. It can be tricky and takes a lot of time and knowledge to do it properly. In fact, where a lot of these companies come in with value is their ability to make the process easier and more productive for a lot of the consumers out there.

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