Gas Prices Getting You Down? You’re in Luck, Because Casino Pawn Cares!

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If you’ve noticed these past few weeks, gas prices in the Valley have significantly increased. This means driving is getting more costly. It also doesn’t help that as Gas increased, so did surrounding temperatures. That’s right, the upcoming months in the Dog Days of Summer is upon us! And the heat has come early in some parts of the Valley. Don’t let that deter you! If you need extra pocket change to cover gas until payday, Casino Pawn and Gold is the safest bet to make!

Casino Pawn Can Help with Gas Prices?

No, but we CAN give you the money you need to pay for gas. How do we do that? With our pawn loans, of course! If you have some items of value that you’re willing to temporarily part with these items for the greater good, we can offer cash loans (pawn loans to some people) that can be used to act as gas for their vehicle. We also have a partnership with Phoenix Title Loans, that can help out with the vehicle aspect by offering title loans as well. Yet another means of funding provided for you!

How Do Pawn Loans/Cash Loans Work?

The main design of pawn loans/cash loans is to use your item(s) that you bring to us as collateral for said loan. We assess its value and if you agree to it, you just fill out some paperwork and the cash is on hand for your needs. We then let you know the turnaround time to pay the loan back. Yes, we have to have you pay back the loan, as it’s a loan after all. One crucial benefit is there is no major credit check involved. Just show up, we check the item, you get cash if you like our offer. This is important if you need to get gas quickly so you can get back on the road.

How Can We Trust Casino Pawn and Gold?

Simply put, Casino Pawn is the pawn shop to go when you need fresh cash in the pocket for emergencies, like gas. We’ve helped out customers in similar situations for over a decade and continue to serve them to this day. Customers from Casa Grande, Eloy, Mesa, and beyond come to us and we are happy to be of service. Finally, for those that rely on their vehicle via Ride Share, we recommend coming to us ASAP. Don’t delay. Gas prices aren’t going down anytime soon.