Getting ready for the Summer Months in the Valley

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As temperatures rise, Valley citizens make plans to go through the Summer months. That means many things: vacations, A/C maintenance, summer events, etc. That also means you would need funding. Casino Pawn and Gold can help you get ready for the summer months ahead.

Getting Pawn Loans for Extra Cash for the Summer Months

When you need quick cash, a pawn loan is the way to go. Just bring items with loan-to-value and we can give you the money you need. You can also get money through title loans, thanks to our partnership with Phoenix Title Loans. You simply inform us of the items you wish to use for the loans of your choice. We’ll get you the money based on its loan-to-value.

Have Us Buy Your Items For Cash

If you feel comfortable with parting with your items, then we suggest on having us buy them. It’s not as much as a pawn loan’s worth, but you’re getting some money in return for parting with items you no longer hold value. We’ve taken many things in the past; gold, diamonds, silver, platinum, and other great items.

What Can You Do With Your Cash?

There are many ways to use this newfound cash. You can use it to make sure the A/C is working properly. You can also use the money to plan vacations for family, friends, or for yourself. The extra money can be used to renovate at home or even be used for that dream vacation. Either way, the money is yours to make with what you want.

Why Come to Casino Pawn for Cash?

Casino Pawn and Gold has been a trusted pawn shop for the past ten years and counting. Thanks to the support of our customers, we continue to provide great pawn loans and greater deals on purchases in our store.