Diamond Buyer Casa Grande

Casino Pawn and Gold Is A Diamond Buyer Too!

We have been in business for over a decade, and have truly come to learn our way around a diamond.  Casino Pawn & Gold is here to give you a fair assessment for your diamond, and will ensure that you’re walking away with the most amount of cash possible.   We’re the top diamond buyer Casa Grande residents trust! We are here to give you the most money for your diamonds.

Why Sell to Us?

Casino Pawn and Gold is your diamond buyer Casa Grande residents!Because you trust us.  We’ve been in the jewelry business for over a decade, and will always do the most we can to get you the most money for your diamond.  Typical diamond buyers are not like us, they’re simply looking out for themselves at the end of the day.  Here at Casino Pawn & Gold, we’re here to serve the customer: you.  If you question our offer, you are always .  As the top diamond buyer in Casa Grande and the surrounding areas, we are proud of our reputation.  As a result, we will always give you the most cash possible for your diamonds.

With over a decade of diamond jewelry buying and selling, we’re an experienced and well equipped pawn shop to provide accurate assessments.  A tool like the Adamas by Presidium is one of the most reliable diamond and moissanite testers around.  Making it a smooth and swift process  to verify if it is a genuine diamond.

Which allows us to move forward, and evaluate the diamond based on the 4 C’s of Diamonds: color, cut, clarity, and carat.  Our pawnbrokers are experienced and skilled at recognizing value when they see it.  We take careful consideration of the diamond and these things together to give you the best price, sometimes even equating to it being worth more than the diamond itself and other pawn shops would simply never tell you.  There’s a reason why the City of Casa Grande chooses Casino Pawn and Gold over any of our competitors.

What Types of Diamonds Will We Buy?

We are your Diamond Buyer Casa Grande residents, whether it's a ring, pendant, or they are loose diamondsAny and all types of diamonds!  Casino Pawn & Gold will buy whatever kinds of diamonds you have.  Whether it’s a diamond ring, a diamond necklace, a diamond bracelet, we will buy diamonds!  We’re the top diamond buyer you’ll find in Casa Grande, Arizona City, or Eloy.

Really guys, big or small, we don’t care!  All diamonds are as good as cash at our store, silver platinum or gold setting, we will pay you cash in mere minutes!

Casino Pawn & Gold: The Best Diamond Buyer in Town

Diamond Buyer Casa Grande hands you the most cash possible when you sell diamonds to our storeWe’re the best diamond buyer because we care about our customers.  Your diamonds are not just a piece of jewelry to you, but hold value.  We’re here to ensure that you feel you’re getting your value’s worth; the true value of your diamond.  Test us, take your diamond elsewhere, and we guarantee you won’t find a better price for diamond buyers than what we will provide you here at Casino Pawn & Gold.

Proudly servicing the areas of Casa Grande, Florence, Eloy, Coolidge, and Maricopa.