The Heat is On!

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The Summer Season is here and the summer heat is back to the Triple Digits. Trips to the Pool, A.C.’s Blasting on full and Cookouts (surprisingly enough) are now back into full swing. Not to mention that for most parents, this is the time of year that their children are out of school. They’ll need something to do or someplace to go; which requires funding to cover all bases. Well, Casino is willing to take this gamble and up the ante with our great selection of pawn loans and purchasable items!

Get a Pawn Loan to Beat the Heat!

As any Valley Resident knows, being in a desert in the middle of summer is daunting and hot. It also shows spikes in bills due to staying cool and out of the sun. Fortunately our pawn loans are a solution to your current dilemma. First, they last for 90 days with you only really paying the interest to keep the loan going (after a reassessment). This covers your for most of the summer months themselves. So you have the cash you need and the time to take care of the loan itself. If you need more time, let us know. We’ll refinance the loan and get you on a new payment schedule.

Second, it’s a quick way to get the money you need for outings to the pool or water park like Golfland Sunsplash! You don’t have to worry about scrounging your pockets or digging too deep into your own funds. Finally, if you want to not worry about the loan itself, let us know and we can cancel it; keep in mind the item you used for the collateral for the loan is surrendered. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us and we’ll assist you in answering your questions.

Need some new Toys and Games?

As always, parents want to keep their kids entertained. We would love to let parents know we have a wide selection of video game and dvd/blu-ray movies in stock. These cover most if not all systems and are at great prices! We also have the systems themselves as well as some accessories. We can also provide tablets that you can use for kids and have them get games. This is a small list of electronics we offer to our customers.

The end result is that you can still come to us as a way to beat the summer heat. So don’t hesistate. Visit Casino Pawn and Gold today!