Notary Public Casa Grande Services

The need for notarized documents is a constant demand. From deeds to transfers to even documents of ownership, it’s important to have such items notarized to make them official. In fact, most government facilities and businesses do not accept documents UNLESS they are notarized. That’s where we come in. Casino Pawn and Gold offers Notary Public services to those living in the Casa Grande area and surrounding cities!

The Benefit of Casino Pawn Being a Notary Public Casa Grande Location

Primarily, the benefit of Casino Pawn being a Notary Public is simply location. Instead of having to hunt for a notary public, you can simply visit our store. This simplifies thing in that now you have a place to turn to for notaries. Now, in the event you need to get a notary public service done for your documents, we can assist you in this matter.

Another benefit is that you can also get the money you need for notaries by doing a pawn loan or even a title loan, thanks to our partnership with Phoenix Title Loans, LLC for the funding. This knocks two birds with one stone! While the process is being worked on, which isn’t a long one, you can browse our selection of goods while the paperwork is being notarized.

How Can Casino Pawn Offer Such Service?

Why not offer such a service! After all, we provide funding for customers with our pawn loans and title loans. We also have a great deal of used items that you can buy at great prices. Finally, we continue to expand our services with the notary public service. So now, not only can you get great items and loans, you get notarized documents too! A safe bet in the long run, that’s how Casino Pawn and Gold handles business in Casa Grande.

We also employ an in-house notary service because of the auto title loans that we offer.  We’re specialists in making fast cash loans to our customers, and in many of these transactions, it’s necessary to have a notary that can take care of getting those documents taken care of.  While an uncommon service, you can get cash you need as well as getting those important documents notarized.

Why Visit Casino Pawn and Gold?

Because we’re open on Sunday, and there’s literally no wait whatsoever.  That’s right — you can get whatever secure documents you need signed in mere minutes at our Casa Grande pawn shop.  The traditional places we go to get documents like these notarized (banks, third party MVD services) are open limited hours, not on Sundays, and will definitely make you wait as they’re in no huge rush to get your documents signed.  At Casino Pawn and Gold, we deal with a lot less traffic and put our customers first.  If you need a notary public in Florence, Eloy, or Casa Grande, visit Casino Pawn and Gold where you can be in and out in as little as five minutes.

(And if you need money while you’re there, we make cash money loans on any items you have of value.  You can slip your ring off and get a few hundred bucks after getting your documents notarized too!)