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Casino Pawn & Gold is the bullion buyer Casa Grande residents rely on!Casino Pawn and Gold brings to the table over 30 years of experience and is the premier Bullion Buyer Casa Grande residents know and rely on!  We have built our impeccable reputation as the most trusted bullion dealer in Casa Grande.  We are fortunate to have a staff that are personable, highly skilled and well equipped to take care of your bullion needs.  Because if we do our job right, you might exit with a bounce in your step, a smile on your face and have your pockets filled with cash!

Being a premier bullion buyer we know the importance of making smart investments and receiving the best returns.  Most importantly, it is our goal to put the most amount of cash into our customers hands! Whether you are strapped for cash or are making a dream your new reality, Casino Pawn & Gold is here to help!

You can be assured that NO ONE WILL PAY YOU MORE CASH FOR YOUR BULLION than we do.  Our payout for platinum, gold or silver bullion is on or about the current spot price.  That far exceeds the percentage payout of 50% – 60% by most of our competitors.  As a result, we have continued to serve Casa Grande along with Maricopa, Florence & Coolidge a tangible way to ease your financial concerns, and be your bullion buyer you can rely on.

How Is Bullion Valued?

The Bullion Buyer Casa Grande trusts for the highest cash payouts possible!Bullion is a general term of any bulk forms of platinum, gold and silver (precious metals).  Whether they are in the form of bars or struck into one troy ounce rounds, their price is literally worth their weight and purity.

For instance, one form of bullion comes in one troy ounces.  They are manufactured mainly in round, oval and rectangle shapes.  From first glance a one troy ounce round tends to be about the size of a silver half dollar.  Yet, the difference in weight is obvious.  Because a one troy ounce is 31.103 grams comparatively to the 28 grams of an actual ounce.  In addition, a half dollar only weighs 11.340 grams, and mixed with alloys to be cost effective for currency circulation.

So consequently, precious metal bullion is mostly minted privately and stamped with its purity percentage ranging from 90% and the mints logo.   Furthermore, gold bullion is 91.7% – 99.9% pure, while platinum and silver tend to be 95% – 99.9% “fineness” (aka pure).  This is why they have no face value, nor are they intended to circulate as currency in countries.  These are things you can rest assured we as a bullion buyer knows to offer the most cash possible.

The Bullion Buyer With Accurate Appraisals

Bullion Buyer & Seller for Casa GrandeAccurate appraisals are imperative to present the best cash offers to our customers as a bullion buyer.  There are 3 factors needed to make a cash offer with confidence.  We need to verify the purity, weight of the bullion and the current Spot Price.  So consequently, Casino Pawn & Gold is well equipped with the means to do so with swift precision.  Our associate will start with measuring the purity with the Sigma Metalytics test.  Within less that  a minute, electromagnetic waves pulse through the bullion to analyze and measure its purity.

After that, your bullion is placed on our scale to weigh, followed by looking up the current Spot Price.  With all this information, your cash offer is calculated from its purity, weight to equate on or about the current spot price.

* All of our bullion assessments are presented with confidence, are free of charge and never have any obligation to accept our offers. 

 We randomly survey our competition, ensuring our offers and prices exceed theirs.  Because we know there is more value in customers returning, referrals, and increased volume.

Casa Grande’s #1 Pawn Shop & More!

If you are looking to buy, sell or pawn valuables for the best offers as a bullion buyer, you have found that and more!  Casino Pawn & Gold also has auto title loans available, provided by Phoenix Title Loans LLC.  This option has the ability to be extended past the 90 days pawn loans are allowed.  In addition, we provide Notary Public Services at our location, or you can schedule an appointment for a Mobile Notary.

We also offer items for sale on eBay.  Therefore you can have the luxury of taking advantage of quality items at a fair price, without needing to leave the comfort of your house.

We strive to continue to provide Casa Grande, Eloy, Florence and Sacaton with multiple ways to help our communities get cash fast, when they need it the most!