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Why should you come to our pawn shop in Casa Grande:

Casino Pawn and Gold brings to the table over 30 years of experience and specializes in buying bullion. We are the top bullion buyers and are the most reputable and best bullion dealer in Casa Grande. We also proudly serve the areas of Coolidge, Florence, Maricopa, and Arizona City. It is because of this bullion buying and selling experience that our professionally trained representatives can and will provide you with a fair appraisal and a higher payout than anyone else on your bullion - guaranteed. With us, you can either buy bullion or sell bullion, with the confidence and convenience through our pawn shop in Casa Grande.  Come today, sell bullion, and leave with fast cash and a smile on your face.  We proudly service the areas of Coolidge, Eloy, Maricopa, and Florence.

The process is simple, just bring in any unwanted bullion to our pawn shop in Casa Grande and allow one of our friendly representatives to make your process as easy as possible. Bullion has cash value and can easily be tested. The staff and representatives at our pawn shop in Casa Grande are specialists in dealing with all types of bullion.

You can be assured that NO ONE WILL PAY YOU MORE CASH FOR YOUR BULLION than we do. It's what we do, we buy and sell all kinds of bullion in Casa Grande, and from the surrounding areas of Coolidge, Florence, Maricopa, and Arizona City.

The Selling Bullion Process

Over the years, we've streamlined our bullion buying process to get our customers in and out of our Casa Grande pawn shop in mere minutes.  No matter if $10 or $1000, we can get you cash in a matter of minutes for your silver or gold bullion.  It all begins when you bring your pieces down to Casino Pawn and Gold.  If you're not really sure what the best option is for you just yet, you're more than welcome to use our Online Application or our live chat at the bottom of the screen and we can help you evaluate your options free of charge.  This way you know exactly how much cash your bullion is eligible for, and we can have the paperwork ready for you by the time you make it down to our store.

When you arrive at Casino Pawn and Gold, one of our associates will take the bullion from you and perform some tests.  Depending on the type of bullion you have, this could range from us inspecting it for a stamp (a jeweler's mark that indicates the purity of the item) or inspecting the inside of the item.  Once we've got a starting point, we perform an acid test to ensure its exact purity.  It's important ot note that this poses no damage to your bullion whatsoever.  Lastly, we'll weigh the items in grams.  Buying bullion works off of the weight of the precious metals.  This is sometimes known as "melt value" but is the most accurate way to know exactly what your jewelry is worth.  We'll make you a cash offer and when you accept, we'll collect some signatures and put cold, hard cash in your hand.  If you're in Eloy, Casa Grande, or Arizona City, Casino Pawn and Gold is the only place to stop by for selling your bullion.

Highest Customer Satisfaction:

We have a 110% guarantee that we will pay you more cash than any other bullion buyer in Casa Grande and surrounding areas of Coolidge, Florence, Maricopa, and Arizona City. Either we will buy your bullion for 110% of their best written cash offer, or we will pay you our posted price which is higher than anybody we have seen around the state. We survey our competition monthly, and make a point to post our BUY and PAWN prices above everyone else because we know that paying just a bit more cash will bring us customers, referrals, and increased volume.

We Buy All Types of Bullion:

Lending on bullion is the easiest cash loan we make, and it only takes minutes after examining your bullion. Stop by and learn why we are the NUMBER ONE BULLION BUYER  in Casa Grande, and the surrounding areas of Coolidge, Florence, Maricopa, and Arizona City.

Stop in today to our pawn shop in Casa Grande and speak to one of our fast, friendly associates to handle your gold with reassurance to be on your way with cash in your pocket.