Pawn Jewelry in Casa Grande

Pawn Jewelry in Casa Grande - Casino Pawn & GoldWhen you are faced with a financial emergency, you need the most cash possible and fast!  With Casino Pawn & Gold you are in good hands! We offer the highest cash offers around when you pawn jewelry in Casa Grande.  Because it is our goal to put the most cash possible in your hands and quickly.  You can always rely on us as a source of financial assistance.  Whether you have a collection of jewelry to sell, or just a family heirloom, we will assess it accurately and give you the best offer.  It’s never a gamble to pawn valuables at Casino Pawn & Gold!

Pawn Jewelry in Casa Grande Hassle-Free

Pawn loans are a hassle-free way to get the cash you need with a collateral loan.  In other words, the amount of the loan from Casino Pawn & Gold depends on the monetary value of the jewelry you bring in to our store.  There are no credit checks, verifying employment, nor do you need to bring us proof of income.  In addition, our application is simple and does not require details about your financial status or debts.  All you need is a valid and current Arizona ID and your signature to complete the process.  Moreover, you can have the appraisal completed and cash in your hands in as little as ten minutes!

For the duration of the loan, your valuables are kept safely in our vault until you return to pay the loan in full.  So consequently, the sooner you pay the loan, the sooner your valuables will be back in your possession. In addition, if you pay off the loan prior to the 60th day, we will reduce the total amount due, with a redemption discount.   Because we think it’s important to reward you for early repayment.

If you find you need more time, just pay the interest accrued, and we can extend your loan for another 90 days.  Likewise, if you find yourself struggling or unable to repay the loan, you can relinquish the valuables to our store.  Although, this is not our preference, nor yours, there is no further financial obligation to our shop.

How We Determine the Amount to Loan to You

testing your gold can add a significant amount of cash to your offer here at Casino Pawn and Gold when you pawn jewelry at our store

Our staff at Casino Pawn & Gold is experienced and well equipped to accurately assess your jewelry.  To clarify, we begin with examining the condition of your jewelry and finding the hallmark stamp.  This stamp is found in discreet places, noting the purity of the platinum, gold or silver your jewelry is made of.  Although the hallmark is stamped on the jewelry, we, as most jewelers do, verify its purity.  After that, it is weighed and we check the spot price of the precious metal.  All of these factors are calculated, and then you are presented with our cash offer.

While most pawn shops average their offers at 25% – 40% of the spot price, we choose to raise the bar.  Our cash offers are or around the actual spot price.  Because we honestly want to ensure that you are getting the most equity for a pawn loan on your jewelry.

Jewelry We Offer Pawn Loans On

We offer pawn loans on gold, platinum and silver jewelry.  And on any jewelry that has a diamond setting, we will conduct the assessments separately.  After that, we will combine the two assessments, to provide you with the highest offer possible.  Although, keep in mind, that the value between the three vary in their monetary worth.  In addition, that also varies due to their purity.  Nonetheless, here is a list of jewelry items we offer pawn loans on.

Pawn Jewelry in Casa Grande - Casino Pawn & GoldPawn Jewelry in Casa Grande of Any Kind:

A Pawn Shop and More!

At Casino Pawn & Gold, we also strive to offer more services than most pawn shops.  Therefore, we are more than just the best place to buy, sell or pawn valuables in Casa Grande and surrounding areas.  We also offer the following services to be the one-stop pawn shop and more: