Pawn Diamond Jewelry

Pawn Diamond Jewelry Fast and Efficiently

Pawn Diamond Jewelry at Casino Pawn & Gold for the most cash possible!The immense value that lies within diamond jewelry is no secret to its owners nor the rest of the world.  From new to used, diamond jewelry plus the gold or silver they’re set in can provide the cash you need when you pawn diamond jewelry.  Thankfully, Casino Pawn and Gold recognizes value, and turns it into cash in your hands quickly.  And, just because you need cash, does not mean you have to sacrifice your valuables.

When you pawn diamond jewelry at Casino Pawn and Gold, you will receive almost as much cash as you would if you sold it.  But, the best part of putting it in pawn, is you will have time to satisfy the loan and retrieve your valuable jewelry.

How Do You Pawn Diamond Jewelry?

Pawn Diamond Jewelry Casa Grande - Casino Pawn and GoldA Pawn Loan is really a unique form of collateral loan that has many variations.  The one we’re discussing here has to do with diamond jewelry. It is a process that from start to finish can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes.  This type of cash loan is immensely different from the one you might find at a bank. We can completely ignore traditional metrics like credit, income, and employment status.

No credit, no job, and no income is not a problem for us!  Instead, all it takes to secure your hundreds of dollars is a fine piece of diamond jewelry. Casino Pawn & Gold will use only that value to determine how much cash you’ll be eligible for when you pawn diamond jewelry.

Assessing the Loan to Value

It all begins when you come on down to our Casa Grande pawn shop with your diamond jewelry.  All of our employees are skilled and equipped to verify it’s a genuine diamond.  That’s because we have invested in the tools needed to do so, like the Adamas Diamond and Moissanite Tester.  After that, they will examine it, the Four C’s of Diamonds in mind: cut, color, clarity, and carat.  In the end, they will verify its current market value.  If your diamond is also set in a precious metal like gold or silver, we’ll value them both on their own accord, and then combine their findings to present an offer.

Repaying a Pawn Loan is Simple!

Pawn Diamond Jewelry - Casino Pawn & GoldAt Casino Pawn and Gold, we understand pawning diamond jewelry is a short term solution to financial issues. As a result, our pawn loans are written for a period of ninety days.  At any point during this time, you’re welcome to repay the principal and accrued interest.  You also can choose to make payments throughout the 90 days, rather than pay it in one lump sum.  If you satisfy the loan before the 60th day, we will deduct a redemption discount as a reward for early payment.

On the other hand, we also understand that sometimes you need more time to pay off the loan in full.  Just come in and talk to us, and let us know that is the case.  Because we can rewrite the loan for another 90 days, by you paying the interest accrued of the current loan.  And we can do this as many times as needed, if you so choose.  Or, you can relinquish the diamond jewelry to our store, and have no further obligation to the loan.

There’s no other Casa Grande pawn shop you should trust to pawn diamond jewelry – paying the most cash and the lowest rates, we’re the best in town!