Casa Grande Pawn

City of Casa Grande, AZ Logo The city of Casa Grande has a lot to offer its residents and surrounding areas.  As the city has grown, so have the services, along with the competition each one has.  There are now multiple Casa Grande pawn shops, each providing customers with cash for their items brought in.  Whether the valuables are brought to sell or used to secure a pawn loan, it is known to be a fast and efficient way to get the cash.  In addition, pawn shops sell back to the public the quality items they buy, at a reasonable price.  Amongst your choices of pawn shops in the Casa Grande area are A1 Pawn and USA Pawn & Jewelry.  Both buy, sell and offer pawn loans on your valuables, and are reputable establishments.  Overall, we are all in the business to turn valuable items into cash without scrutiny or affecting your credit score.

However, at Casino Pawn & Gold, we offer more cash and more services than most competitors.  Because our focus is basing our offers on a higher percentage rate of the market value.  In addition, we find it is important to offer a variety of services to help our community, and let more people see what we have to offer.

Our Casa Grande Pawn Shop Offers Authentication Services on Luxury Shoes & Accessories

Have you ever bought a Louis Vuitton clutch purse from a place other than their actual boutique and wondered if it was genuine?  Did you know that the industry that has the most counterfeit products out there is the luxury brands and designer’s lines of clothing and accessories?  Unless you bought these direct from their own stores, or designer department stores, you can easily buy a knock-off instead.

Until modern technology released a way to analyze and detect genuine items.   Casino Pawn & gold has this Entrupy device and application, to provide authentication services to the open public.  To provide this service, there is an average charge of $40 per item, in advance.  Some brands do very in the charge to authenticate (Hermes brand is $100 per item).  Please note that the charge is for the analysis, and results, whatever they may be.  The process takes as little as 15 minutes to receive its conclusion after we have scanned and sent for analysis.  If the results conclude that they are authentic, you will have access to a certificate of authentication for your item.

We Offer Title Loans

Title Loans - Casa Grande Pawn & Title Loans available!Casino Pawn & Gold offers Title Loans provided by Phoenix Title Loans, LLC.  This lending option offers a monthly payment schedule and can provide you with a large amount of cash when you have an emergency.  Likewise, they offer lending terms to be based on the value of the collateral, not your credit score.  In addition, you get the cash you need and still drive while you are paying off your loan.

Phoenix Title Loans, LLC has many loan options to choose from.  Whether you have bad credit, no credit or are on a fixed income, we can help you!  Although we do not require credit scores for title loans, you may qualify for a Preferred Title Loan.  Therefore, utilizing your good credit score to increase our offer and lower percentage rates for the contract’s term.

Mobile & On-Site Notary Services

Notary ServicesYes, that is correct… Casino Pawn & Gold provides Notary services for Casa Grande, Eloy, Coolidge and surrounding residents!  You can call or text to see what days and times are available  On-Site Notary services and charges.  In addition, you can inquire about our Mobile Notary rates and schedule an appointment.


Shopping from Home

buy or bid on our auctions from Casa Grande Pawn Shops premier Casino Pawn & GoldDo you enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own couch?  Because we have quite a list from our store on sale or auction on our eBay page.  You can easily purchase them on-line and pick up from our pawn shop, at your convenience.  There is nothing better when you combine convenience and affordable prices.  At Casino Pawn & Gold, we are here to help you in multiple ways!

Casino Pawn & Gold offers the best payout to sell or pawn valuables with us…and count it out in CASH to you!  Whether you have one valuable item or a collection jewelry, power tools or electronics, we are prepared to hand you cash today!