Pawn Diamond Rings

Pawn Diamond Rings

For whatever reason, diamond rings have become one of the most sentimental items of jewelry to American society.  This given by husbands to wives, from mothers to daughters; in some families,Pawn Diamond Rings for the best offer at Casino Pawn and Gold there’s nothing more sentimental than a diamond ring.  One easy explanation is because of the high value these have.  From the diamond stone to the precious metal (typically gold or silver) that it’s set in; these can have immense value.

In times of financial hardship, we look to items of value to sell or try to get some money from; many times that becomes the diamond ring.  Here at Casino Pawn and Gold, we won’t ask the citizens of Casa Grande to part from something as precious as a diamond ring. That said, we’re happy to offer a solution.  Pawn your diamond ring at Casino Pawn and Gold, get the fast cash you need in Casa Grande, Arizona City, or Maricopa, and retain possession of your diamond ring.

What It Means to Pawn a Diamond Ring

pawn diamond rings for the most cash possible at Casino Pawn & GoldPawning an item is not a household term.  But, it’s a service that has been serving communities for hundreds of years.  Thus, this service is offered at a pawn shop.  A pawn loan is a form of collateral loan wherein securing cold, hard cash from items you own.  It is not a long process that it would normally be at, say, a bank.  This loan, again, is contingent solely upon your collateral; which in this case is your diamond ring.  The value of this item is all that is required in order to secure hundreds if not thousands of dollars in cash.

Also known as a collateral loan, a pawn loan is a unique money loaning service that allows people to attain hundreds to thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes.

pawn diamond rings for cash is based on the value of the diamonds, and the jewelry they are set in.Valuing Diamond Rings, Repaying Pawn Loans

Any associates at Casino Pawn and Gold is properly equipped with the tools necessary to identify genuine diamonds.  Because it is essential for us to correctly assess the diamonds to provide you with a fair cash offer.  Therefore, we have invested in the Adamas Diamond and Moissanite Tester to do so in a fast and efficient manner.  After that, our pawnbroker will consider the Four C’s of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat.  These characteristics are looked at, to assure that we offer you the most cash possible.

What’s also important to keep in mind is that we do not ignore the precious metal that your diamond may possibly be set in.  If your ring is set in silver or gold, we’ll carefully assess its value separately. Furthermore, this is added to the diamond’s value as well.  Our goal is always to get our Casa Grande customers the most amount of cash possible.  In the end, we ensure to take every factor into account.

What Happens Afterwards?

Pawn Diamond Rings for fast cash on a 90 day secured loanWhen you pawn diamond rings, we’ll need to see your valid Driver’s License to complete the paperwork.  After you sign the contract where needed, we’ll count out the offer in cash, right in your hand.  Your jewelry will be locked in our safe, secure and monitored vault throughout the duration of the loan.

At any point within the 90 day loan, you can come in and satisfy the loan.  Or, if you need more time come talk to us by the 90th day.  Because with paying the interest accrued only, we can rewrite the loan for another 90 days.  Casino Pawn and Gold is not in the business of repossessing our customer’s diamond rings.  Therefore, we will do everything in our power so you have every opportunity to retrieve your diamond rings.

If you do find that you cannot feasibly pay off the loan, just let us know.  Because you can relinquish your diamond rings to our store, and no longer have any obligation to repay the loan or to the store.