Luxury/Designer Authentication Services

Casino Pawn & Gold Provides Authentication Services

Casino Pawn & Gold - Authentication ServicesThere is a sense of accomplishment when you are able to afford a luxury handbag.  Even more so when you achieve a variety of different designers and styles.  Whether you have to save up for each accessory you buy, or your income makes it quite fees able, it’s important to know it is a genuine article.  Although, luxury handbags and accessories are constantly finding imitations mass produced and sold to unsuspecting customers.

So consequently, unless you purchase them directly at their on-site or on-line stores, it’s been hard to scrutinize if they are from the actual designer.  However, this is no longer a problem in the Casa Grande area.  Because Casino Pawn & Gold is equipped with some of the most advanced technology, Entrupy.  Therefore, providing Casa Grande and surrounding residents with luxury/designer authentication services that offers certification for the accessories that are confirmed to be genuine.

Luxury/Designer Authentication Services We Offer

Authentication Services | Casino Pawn & GoldPrior to having the Entrupy system installed at Casino Pawn & Gold, it took a trained eye and time to verify if luxury handbags or accessories were valid.  Therefore, it was not a line of valuables there were a viable means for us to buy or offer pawn loans on.  Although, now that we are equipped with the Entrupy device and mobile app, we now can determine if your Chanel accessory is genuine quickly.  Moreover, Entrupy leads this industry with 99.1% accuracy in detecting knock-offs and verifying an item’s authenticity.

Entrupy is a portable device that partners artificial intelligence with algorithms to analyze and evaluate if an item is authentic.  The device gives us on-screen prompts of where and what materials to take images from, and puts them through a high resolution to microscopically analyze them.  After that, the algorithms categorize the images based on an ever growing database to determine if it is authentic.  As a result, you receive the results in real time and can get a certificate that is financially guaranteed.

Bring in Luxury/Designer Handbags to Analyze for Authentication

With every luxury handbag or accessory brought in for our authentication services, continue to strengthen the accuracy of Entrupy’s abilities.  Because every image taken and analyzed is added to the Cloud’s database.  Therefore, not only improving its accuracy, but expanding the materials it verifies or identifying knock-offs.

For almost all designer brands brought into Casino Pawn & Gold for authentication, our charge is $45 per item.  However, Hermes items are $169 per item.  Collection of payment is prior on providing the authentication service.  These charges are solely for the process and analysis.  Therefore, it is a flat fee and does not guarantee a certification of authenticity.

luxury/designer authentication services with Entrupy | Casino Pawn & GoldAll of the materials in the following 15 Luxury Brands are fully supported by Entrupy to authenticate Handbags & Accessories:

Authentication Services for Designer Sneakers Too

Air Jordan Sneakers can take advantage or our authentication services at Casino Pawn & GoldYes, Designer Sneakers can take advantage of our authentication services too!  Got a pair of Air Jordan’s you want to verify are genuine? Bring them on in to Casino Pawn & Gold, and for a $45.00 fee we will be able to provide that answer for you as well.  And, if they are authentic Nike Air Jordan Sneakers, we will be able to print out an authentication certificate for you to have in the future.  The fee is paid prior to the analysis, and within moments you will know if they are genuine.

 Get Fast Cash When You Pawn or Sell Luxury Designer Handbags, Shoes & Accessories

If you are looking to get some cash and have luxury / designer handbags, shoes or accessories, bring them down to our store!  Casino Pawn & Gold will happily present you with the best offer possible and turn it into cash in your hands within minutes for you.  Make sure that you have the authentication certificate, original box, and if possible the receipt to ensure you receive the highest amount of cash!  Or, you can utilize our authentication services to get the process started, and get the cash you need in your hands!

Casino Pawn & Gold is proud to offer our authentication services to Casa Grande, Coolidge, Eloy and Florence areas.