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Pawn TV

Anyone who doesn’t believe we’re living in a technological revolution just hasn’t seen the average size of a television in an American home in 2019.  The vast majority of us are sporting absolute monstrosities spanning greater than sixty-inch diagonals within our living rooms.  Television has never been seen in such great detail.  What it’s also produced is an absolutely massive used television industry sporting billions of dollars worldwide.  A television of this magnitude may have cost the average American household a few thousand dollars; nowadays, it’s within the price of a few hundred.  This has also opened doors for short term cash infusions; which helps families experiencing times of financial difficulty through pawning their television.  Any resident of Maricopa, Arizona City, or Casa Grande is eligible to pawn TVs at Casino Pawn and Gold.

Getting a Pawn Loan Today

A pawn loan isn’t like any other financial instrument you’ve heard of.  It’s not something you have to apply for; and certainly not something you should expect to take more than fifteen minutes out of your day to secure.  If you’re in need of cash, and you’ve got a TV, then you’re eligible for a cash loan.

All we need is the TV, and a remote, and we can start the process.  When you come on in, one of our associates will perform some quick electrical tests; this is to ensure it’s in working condition.  This includes ensuring it still has a reception and displays a relatively clear quality on most channels.  We then will take the specific model number typically found on the back of the device and check out what other television owners are willing to buy or sell the exact same model for in the United States.  This gives us a pretty fair price at which to pawn televisions for.

When you accept, all we need is a few signatures from you, and we’ll store your television in a safe, secure facility.  We put cold, hard cash right into your hand and send you on your way, and you’ve now successfully pawned your television.

Repaying a TV Loan is Simple

At Casino Pawn and Gold, we like to keep things simple for all of our customers which is why we allow them to secure this pawn loan in less than five minutes.  When you’re ready to reclaim possession of your television, all you have to do is come down and pay the principal plus accrued interest within ninety days and that’s it!  We’ll help you load it into your car, and you can continue to experience entertainment on a scale never before seen.

If it turns out you need more than ninety days then don’t fret, we’re still here to help.  We understand that some financial situations are not so short term, and require an extra pinch of time.  All we ask is on that ninetieth day (or somewhere close) you pay the accrued interest. We’ll happily hold on to your TV extending the Pawn TV Loan for another ninety days with no questions asked.

If you’re a resident of Casa Grande, Maricopa, or Arizona City or any other nearby city, Casino Pawn and Gold is the only pawn shop worth securing a cash loan from.