Pawn PlayStation 4

Pawn PlayStation 4

Just recently are we starting to get fun little details about the upcoming PlayStation 5 most likely revealing in 2020.  The vast majority of our technology seems to come out with a new generationPawn PlayStation 4 - Casino Pawn and Gold every year. It’s amazing that it’s taken almost twenty years for the PlayStation to release five different models.  On the plus side, this has been excellent for consumers; the value of the PlayStation 4 is still relatively high. It can also get any individual in Casa Grande, Maricopa, or Arizona City fast cash with just a video game console.

These pieces of technology are, of course, important and hold important files. Casino Pawn and Gold is more than happy to announce a service wherein we can turn your PlayStation 4 into cash with a pawn and you don’t have to sell your precious electronics.  Let’s take a look at how!

Pawning Your PlayStation 4

If you’re looking to get fast cash through a Pawn PlayStation 4 service, then you’ve come to the right place!  Our experts have been loaning cash on video game consoles for near a decade, and that allows us to pay the most while charging the less for any customers that walk through our door.  When you bring your device on down to our Casa Grande pawn shop, be sure to bring the controller and charger that came with the device so that we can ensure it works.

The first step of our entire pawning process will be to verify that it still retains its entire functionality; that’s difficult if we don’t have these two items.  Once we’ve verified it’ll play a game, connect to wireless networks, and that its basic performance is still intact, we’ll inspect its cosmetic condition at least at the basic level.  Since these devices aren’t moved very often, this doesn’t usually impact the price but must be considered nonetheless.

Anything Else?

The last and most important step in our pawn PlayStation 4 loan is to check what other video game enthusiasts are buying and selling their PlayStation 4 consoles for across the United States.  In order to keep our prices updated and fair for our customers, we must check for any fluctuations in the cost of the video game console.  With all these factors combined, we’ll make you a cash offer for the loan of your PlayStation 4.  Should you accept, we collect a few signatures, store your PlayStation 4 in a secured facility, and put cold, hard cash right into your hand.  From start to finish, we can have you in and out of our pawn shop within a mere five minutes.

Repaying PlayStation 4 Loans

At Casino Pawn and Gold, we like to keep payment nice and simple for all customers; from Casa Grande, Maricopa, to Arizona City and beyond.  This means that we give a period of up to ninety days to repay the principal and interest.  Once this is done, we return it to your possession. You’re free to come back whenever you need our financial services again.  If on the ninetieth day you cannot repay the loan in full, no problem at all! We’re more than happy to extend it for another ninety days; as long as you pay the interest that has accrued up to that point.