Pawn Guitars

Pawn Guitars

Guitars are something that has been precious to American society for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Some guitars can have a value from a few hundred dollars to as much as a few thousandpawn guitars for 90 day cash loan dollars.  What guitar enthusiasts simply don’t know these days is that in times of financial disparity there are times to take that asset and turn it into cash in a matter of mere minutes.  The beauty about this is that you don’t have to sell your guitar or lose possession of it in any way whatsoever.  If any residents of Casa Grande, Maricopa, or Arizona City need some fast cash and have guitars on hand, then pawning your guitar for cash at Casino Pawn and Gold may be just the service you’re looking for.

What It Means to Pawn Guitars

Pawning a guitar is the process in which you turn your guitar into cash at our pawn shop.  Our Casa Grande pawn shop operates in what is known as pawn loans, more commonly known as collateral loans.  A collateral loan is a service not typically offered by a bank. Banks like to use many other measuring metrics like credit score or income; whereas we don’t have to factor these things in whatsoever.  It means our service can take as little as five minutes; we don’t need to look at every detail about your personal life.  All it requires is a piece of collateral that is known to have value to other people in the world in order for you to get your loan.

When you bring your guitar down to Casino Pawn and Gold, one of our associates will inspect the condition of the item. They will also assess what the worldwide value of the guitar actually is.  As said before, this is the only factor that we’re taking into consideration how much money we can loan you. So it’s absolutely vital that we have the most accurate and precise information to make this a reality.  Our associate will make you a cash offer to pawn your guitar, and when you accept, we’ll collect a few signatures and put cold, hard cash right in your hand!  No checks, no nonsense, just fast, easy cash.  We store your guitar for the entire period of the pawn loan. We’ll return it to you when you are ready to repay the pawn loan.

Repayment is Simple, Quick, and Easy

According to Arizona law, each of these pawn loans is written out for a period of ninety days.  You’re more than welcome to repay it at any point during this period; as long as you repay the accrued interest.  Our guitar pawn loans are meant to be short term financial solutions to help residents of Casa Grande get back on their feet.  We do understand, however, that sometimes these things take time and you may need a bit more than ninety days.  If that’s the case, then no problem! All we ask you to do is pay the interest that’s accrued up to that point; we can rewrite your guitar loan for another 90 days with little questions asked whatsoever.