Fun Things to do Out in Coolidge!

Things to do in Coolidge near Casa Grande, AZ

Take in the expansive landscape as you discover things to do in the city of Coolidge, AZ.

Take a Dip!

There’s nothing that beats the heat better than a swimming pool. Coolidge has a community pool that all in the area can share, for a small fee. Cool off in the afternoon starting at 1PM to 5PM every Tuesday – Sunday. You can also enjoy a nice Night Swim from 7PM to 9PM on Wednesday evenings. There are also swimming lessons and events you can center around the Swimming Pool as well, for a small fee also.

Explore Coolidge History Sheltered From the Sun!Casa Grande Ruins - Fun things to do in Coolidge

Another great site in the city of Coolidge is the Casa Grande Ruins. This Arizona National Monument is a testament to the legacy of many a Native American Tribes that called Arizona their birthright and home. It also has the unmistakable shelter atop one of the longest standing ruins to date. This is to help prevent the brutal heat from breaking down core components of the structure. To see this magnificent structure still standing amidst the test of time and climate changes is already a lasting statement to the quality of the designs therein. Locals from Casa Grande and cities north along with wide-eyed tourists are always marveled by its architecture.

Parks Galore!

If natural ruins aren’t your cup of tea, then we recommend the myriad choices of outdoor parks that Coolidge offers. From the East and North Parks off of North Pacific and North 3rd Street respectively, to the more traditional Hohokam Park off North Arizona Blvd, there is much variety to choose from. Experience the great outdoors in any way you can with these fine park grounds.

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