Eloy is a nice and rural city in the southeastern part of the Valley of the Sun. But never feel you can’t get money being in Eloy. Casino Pawn and Gold can get you money when you need it most through our pawn loans and title loans!

A Brief History of Eloy

The town’s origin begins in 1878. It comes from the railroad line “East Line Of Yuma.” In 1902, a siding and section house known as E.L.O.Y. During the early 1900s, Mr. John Alsdorf, W. L. Bernard, and J.E. Meyer purchased land for cotton farming. Some of the farmland remain throughout the years, but they are not as expansive as before. Nowadays the small city has seen a nice expansion of growth thanks in large part to the Corrections Corporation of America. It also has its own airport for domestic and short state distance travel.

How Casino Pawn and Gold Can Help

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How Can You Reach Casino Pawn to Eloy?

The fastest method is to take the Casa Grande-Picacho Hwy heading north into Casa Grande. From there, you’ll turn onto North Pinal Avenue/AZ-387. Finally, turn west on West Cottonwood Lane. You can also take the Interstate 10 West and take Exit 194 heading West on Florence Boulevard. You would still take the same turn on North Pinal Avenue and make the right onto Cottonwood Lane.